Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Modern List Experience in SharePoint Online

The modern experience for SharePoint announced in the Future of SharePoint Event will be starting to roll out to first release customers during in First week of August. Microsoft also has provisioned a method to get early preview of the modern list experience even before the First Release roll out by adding TryNewExperience=true query string to the list URL as specified in the article .

New UI

The new UI for list is clean and has command bar instead of ribbons.

Information Pane

Clicking the information icon at the top right displays the information panel which lists the recent activities that happened on the list.

The information panel for a selected list item shows the list properties, recent activities and sharing information.

Edit Properties

Properties including attachments can be edited in the information panel

Bulk editing of list is made easy with the Quick edit option

Modifying List and Views

New columns can be easily added to the list by clicking the + icon

Columns can be renamed, reordered, sorted and filtered from the column context menu

Flow Integration

A flow can be created by clicking the Flow menu from the top and selecting Add a flow

Selecting a flow template would take you to flow designer with the list context.

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