Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to Immediately terminate a Users Sessions in SharePoint Online

With the latest version of SharePoint Online Management Shell a new PowerShell cmdlet called Revoke-SPOUserSession was released. This cmdlet allows us to terminate all sessions established by a particular user to SharePoint online. Terminating user session remotely is pretty handy in situations where a users’s device is lost and you want to protect corporate data from unauthorized access. Revoke-SPOUserSession cmdlet is pretty simple to use and below are the steps for using it

Note: The latest version of SharePoint Online Management Shell is required to execute the Revoke-SPOUSerSession cmdlet.  This can be downloaded form

1.      Run the SharePoint Online Management Shell and connect to SharePoint Online tenant as a global admin.

2.      Execute the Revoke-SPOUserSession cmdlet by passing the name of the user for whom you want to terminate sessions.

E.g. Revoke-SPOUserSession – User

3.      You would be prompted to confirm the action and once you confirm by giving yes the user session will be terminated from all devices that he has logged on to and a success message will be displayed.

4.      If you don’t want the confirmation prompt you could pass the value of false to Confirm parameter

E.g. Revoke-SPOUserSession – User – Confirm:$false

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