Friday, 16 January 2015

Boards a new way to organize and discover content in Office 365 Delve

Office 365 Delve helps users discover content that is relevant to users. A new feature that allows content surfaced in Delve to be easily organize introduced to Delve. This feature called Delve is being rolled out to Office 365 customers who have opted for the First Release option.
Users can create boards in Delve to group related documents together and share it with other users. For example a user can create a board that groups all documents that are related to a to a particular topic.
Creating a new board or adding a document to an existing board is pretty easy. Clicking the + button on any card that is shown in delve will show an input area to enter name of the new board along with the list of existing boards.
A document can be grouped under multiple Boards and the Board names are displayed on the delve card.
 Boards that a user has created and the boards that are shared with him are shown in the left navigation.
Clicking on the board name from the navigation or from the card takes user to the board page that list all the documents grouped under the board.
From the boards page users can easily Follow a board or share a board with other users.  Users can also search for boards from the Delve Search.
Delve Boards allow you to group related contents and return to them easily when It matters to you.  Watch this video to know more about Delve Boards.


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