Monday, 12 May 2014

Reusable content in SharePoint 2013

Reusable content feature in SharePoint 2013 allows you to create small chunk of content and reuse the content across several pages. This is a great feature for creating content is to be repeated on multiple pages such as a disclaimer note, copy right message. In this article I will explain the steps for creating reusable content in SharePoint 2013 and how to utilize it in your pages.

For creating reusable content the features “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” and “SharePoint Server Publishing” have to be activated in the SharePoint site collection.

Creating Reusable Content

1.      Navigate to the Reusable Content List by clicking site contents->Reusable content
SharePoint 2013 Resuable Content

 2.      Click new item to create new reusable content

3.      Enter value for Title, comments, and reusable HTML.
4. Tick  the Automatic Update check box if you want to the change in reusable content to be reflected in all pages were it is used.

SharePoint 2013 Resuable Content

5. Click Save to save the reusable content.

Utilizing Reusable Content

1.      Navigate to the page in which you want to add the reusable content

2.      Edit the page by clicking the edit link

3.      Tab to Page Content section

4.      Click on the Insert tab from the page edit ribbon and click Reusable Content button.

5.      From the list of reusable content that displays click the name of the reusable content that you want to add to the page.

SharePoint 2013 Resuable Content

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