Thursday, 20 November 2014

Enhanced collaboration with Yammer Document Conversation

Document conversation feature in Office Online allows to embed Yammer conversations about a document into Office Online apps like Word online and Excel online. This provides a simple and easy way to collaborate on documents that are stored in SharePoint Online document library or in One Drive for business.

To make use of document conversation Office 365 administrator has to make Yammer as the default social network in Office 365 settings. Once this is done, starting a document conversation is straight forward.  When a file that is stored in SharePoint Online or One Driver for business is opened in a browser, the document is displayed on the left and a contextual Yammer conversation pane is shown on the right. The Yammer conversation pane can be expanded and you can post a message to your coworkers or a group.

 Document conversation can also be started from SharePoint Online document libraries or One Drive libraries by clicking the Post link in document callout  hover view.

When a message with link to the file is posted in Yammer, the message will be displayed with an icon clicking on which will open the file from the online location with the Yammer conversation pane.

The cool document conversation feature works not only for office documents but with other common file types like PDF, MP4, GIF etc.

By allowing to have real time conversation from within the documents themselves the Document Conversation feature will enhance employee collaboration and engagement.

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